Schwarzenegger Hybrid Maze by Yonatan Frimer

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Hummer Hybrid that gets 100mpg
editorial maze comic about arnold schwarzenegger and the new electric hummer
Editoral Cartoon Maze in Larger and Printable Format

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Editorial Cartoon Maze on Arnold Schwarzenegger commenting his approval of the new hummer. Created by Yonatan frimer and RSL

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Schwarzenegger Praises Green Hummer


California governor and Hummer aficionado Arnold Schwarzenegger hailed a 100-mpg hybrid version of the much-maligned SUV when it was unveiled Monday in Detroit.

The Raser H3 range-extended electric vehicle was among the vehicles Schwarzenegger checked out during the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress, where he called for a national energy policy that promotes efficient vehicles. The governor, a self-professed car lover who owns 12 vehicles, seemed impressed by what he saw.

“There is nothing wrong with the Hummer; it’s great vehicle,” he said, according to The Detroit News. “We should change the technology within those vehicles.”

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