Cartoon Maze: Who you calling chicken? By Yonatan Frimer

Cartoon Maze: Who you calling chicken? By Yonatan Frimer

Maze cartoon on Turkey saying "who you calling chicken" by Yonatan Frimer
Maze cartoon of a bunch of chickens, labeled with the name of terrorist groups around a Turkey, labeled AKP, the ruling party in Turkey, and the Turkey exclaims, “Who you calling chicken!”  Created by Yonatan Frimer
Click here for a printable, hi-res version of this maze
Click here for the maze solution.

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More on this maze’s topic:

Erdogan: Hamas not terror group

“Hamas’s resistance fighters were meant to defend their land. They won an election. I’ve told American officials before that I do not consider Hamas a terror organization, and I still don’t. They are defending their land,” he was quoted by Turkish media as saying.

– Click here to read the full article –

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