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Maze of a Walrus, by Yonatan Frimer

December 22, 2010

W is for Walrus – Maze of Walrus

maze of walrus

Click for Maze Solution of Walrus Maze
Maze of a Walrus. Big tusks on these friendly creatures. Maze starts in the upper left forner around his right eye and exit of the maze is in the lower right corner right past his blubber and right tusk. This maze goes with the
Maze art of the letter W, by Yonatan Frimer for the kids book, “Learn To A Maze” Which uses mazes to teach kids the alphabet. By Yonatan Frimer.

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Walrus Maze Source Article – For your ipad or other portable or desktop devices.

The walrus whiskers came from this maze blog


Maze of Zebra for Letter Z Maze, by Yonatan Frimer

December 14, 2010

Z Is For Zebra Maze – Maze of a Zebra, By Yonatan Frimer

Maze of a zebra for the letter Z by Yonatan Frimer

Click for Maze Solution of Z is for Zebra Maze
Maze of a bird for the letter B. Maze entrance is in the upper left corner and entrance is near the lower right. Corresponds to maze of the letter B also, created by Yonatan Frimer

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Maze of a bird for the letter Bmaze of an apple for the letter aMaze portrait of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange