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Hizbullah wants to gas Israel, I mean take gas from Israel – Maze Cartoon by Yonatan Frimer

June 18, 2010

Hizbullah wants to gas Israel, I mean take gas from Israel – Maze Cartoon

maze cartoon of hizbullah wants israels gas
Maze Cartoon – Jewish monkey reading a newspaper with the headlines, “Hizbullah Claims Israel’s Gas Belongs to them” says, “In World War 2, the anti-semites put us into gas chambers. Now they want to chamber our gas” Created by Yonatan Frimer

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Hizbullah: Israel’s gas belongs to us
Marine law expert Adv. Amir Cohen-Dor: The Dalit and Tamar gas fields are within Israel’s economic zone.

Adi Ben-Israel and Uzi Blumer14 Jun 10 17:41

Hizbullah claims that that the natural gas fields recently discovered in the Mediterranean, belong to Lebanon and warned Israel against extracting gas from them. Iranian English language paper “Tehran Times” quotes Hezbollah’s executive council chief Hashem Safieddine as saying that it would not allow Israel to loot Lebanese gas resources.

Earlier this week, Lebanese parliamentary speaker Nabih Berri told “AFP”, “Israel is racing to make the case a fait accompli and was quick to present itself as an oil emirate, ignoring the fact that, according to the maps, the deposit extends into Lebanese waters. Lebanon must take immediate action to defend its financial, political, economic and sovereign rights.”

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