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Maze art of letters by Yonatan Frimer, first week November 2010

November 5, 2010

Maze of the letter P, uppercase:

P Maze by Yonatan Frimer Maze Artist

Click for  Maze Solution of P maze
Very swirly maze of the letter P. Maze starts in the upper left corner of the image and maze ends in the lower right corner. Click on the maze solution if you are unable to solve, but MUST know the solution. Created by Yonatan Frimer

Maze of the letter T, uppercase:

T Maze by Yonatan Frimer Maze Artist

Click for  Maze Solution of T maze
Maze of the letter T composed of various blocks and alternating colors to create the illusion of the letter T. You might need to stare at this maze for a few moments before you notice the T. Entrance to the maze is in the upper left and exit to the maze is in the lower right. Created by Yonatan Frimer

Maze of the letter Q, uppercase:

Maze art of the letter Q, by Yonatan Frimer

Click for Maze Solution of Q maze
Various thickness lines to create the maze of the letter Q. The Alternating contrast of the lines creates the optical illusion of the letter Q. Maze starts in the upper left corner and ends in the lower right. Created by Yonatan Frimer

Maze of the letter J, uppercase:

maze of the letter J nineth letter of the english alphabet
Click for  Maze Solution of J maze
Loopy maze of swirl alternating in color to create the letter V, the 22nd letter in the alphabet. Maze entrance is in the upper left corner, and the maze exit can be found in the lower right corner, pointed out by arrows. Created by Yonatan Frimer

Maze Of Monkey Illusion
maze of monkey illusion medium InkBlotMazes Ink Blot Mazes, By Yonatan Frimer, your humble maze artist

Maze of monkeys doing Parkour
maze kong 3D linear prespective maze image

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Maze art of the letter, E, F, H by Yonatan Frimer

October 28, 2010

Maze of uppercase letter F:
capital f maze

Click for  Maze Solution of capital F maze
Yonatan Frimer maze of a capital F, as part of the “Learn To A Maze” series to teach kids the alphabet by using psychedelic mazes. Maze entrance is in the upper left corner and maze exit is in the lower right corner.

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Maze of uppercase letter E:
Yonatan Frimer maze of Uppercase E as in Elephant
Click for  Maze Solution of upper-case letter E Maze
Maze of the letter E. To solve the maze, find the entrance in the upper left corner of the maze and the exit in the lower right corner of the maze. Created by Yonatan Frimer

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Maze of uppercase letter H:
Yonatan Frimer maze of Uppercase H as in house.
Click for  Maze Solution of upper-case letter H Maze
Maze of the letter H. To solve the maze, find the entrance in the upper left corner of the maze and the exit in the lower right corner of the maze. Created by Yonatan Frimer

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Justin Bieber Maze Portrait by Yonatan Frimer

October 24, 2010

Justin Bieber Maze Portrait

Maze portrait of Justin Bieber

Click for  Maze Solution of Justin Bieber Maze Portrait
Maze of Justin Bieber, the teenage pop-sensation that teenage girls go wild for. The maze starts in the upper left corner, and ends in the lower right. Should take you only a few minutes to solve this maze, which is also about how long it too Justin Bieber to become famous.  Created by Yonatan Frimer

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Letter A MazeMaze of UpperCase D by Yonatan Frimer

Letter B maze, second letter in the alphabet, upper-caseMaze O letter mazes alphabet maze
Letter B maze, fourteenth letter in the alphabet, upper-caseLetter X maze, twenty-fourth letter in the alphabet, upper-case

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maze of monkey illusion medium InkBlotMazes Ink Blot Mazes, By Yonatan Frimer, your humble maze artist

Maze cartoon of the Flotilla Ordeal being milked by Iran’s and Turkey’s hand by Yonatan Frimer

June 20, 2010

Milking the flotilla ordeal for all it’s worth;
Maze Cartoon by Yonatan Frimer

maze cartoon of flotilla cow being milked by iran and turkey
Cartoon maze of a cow being milked. The utters are labeled “Flotilla Ordeal” , the arms that squeeze the milk out are labeled “Iran” and “Turkey” and the pail that has the milk says on it “Got PR?”  Created by Yonatan Frimer

Click here for a printable, hi-res version of this maze
Click here for the maze solution.
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Articles on the maze’s topic:

Joel HillikerColumnist

A Good Excuse to End a Bad Relationship

Israel could see what was coming. Before the convoy set sail, Israeli leaders pleaded with Turkish officials to stop it; they offered to allow the supplies to be delivered through an Israeli checkpoint. But Erdoğan’s government let it go anyway. Thus, Israel had no choice but to intervene directly. And those on the boat made sure it turned violent.

Now, Turkey is milking the event for all it’s worth. It accused Israel of state-sponsored terrorism. It compared the psychological impact of the incident on Turks to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Americans. Turkish President Abdullah Gül called the Israeli raid a crime against humanity and said Israeli-Turkish relations will never be the same. Erdoğan labeled it a massacre. Turkish armed forces announced several cutbacks in cooperation with Israeli forces. The government also offered to supply Turkish naval protection for the next “aid” convoy to Gaza; “This would be, in effect, an act of war,” wrote Mark Steyn, “—more to the point, an act of war by a nato member against the State of Israel.”

(Read the full article on The Trumpet)

What do the Swedish Gaza activists hope to achieve?
What do the Swedish Gaza activists hope to achieve?
…..Who actually profited from what happened? Well, most analysts agree that the biggest beneficiaries are the radical Islamists of the Middle East, notably Hamas, the terrorist organization which currently rules Gaza. Hamas won a major PR victory and gained valuable international legitimacy at the expense of moderate Palestinians and the Fatah leadership of the West Bank. Politically this is a boost for those Palestinians who object to peace negotiations with Israel, and prefer the more violent path of jihad, the so-called holy war against Israel and the non-Muslim world.

In Turkey, Islamist extremists are milking the incident to win easy points against secular and modernising forces. Iran is delighted that the world’s attention is being diverted away from its nuclear programme and arms deals with Hezbollah and Syria. As so often before in the Middle-East, the rhetoric of peace and freedom becomes a tool to strengthen despotic, terror-sponsoring regimes which scoff at both. This happened largely because, as Israeli author David Grossman put it, Israel acted like a puppet on strings pulled by a small fanatical Turkish organization……

Read the full article on The Local, a Swedish paper in English

Maze Of Monkeys jumping off  a building in 3-D maze goodness

Maze of Monkeys in 3-D

Mushroom Maze

mushroom maze
Maze-a-delic by Yonatan Frimer

Maze Portrait of Albert Einstein.
Portait maze of albert einstein
“Genius Maze” – By Y. Frimer

Cartoon Maze: Who you calling chicken? By Yonatan Frimer

June 6, 2010

Cartoon Maze: Who you calling chicken? By Yonatan Frimer

Maze cartoon on Turkey saying "who you calling chicken" by Yonatan Frimer
Maze cartoon of a bunch of chickens, labeled with the name of terrorist groups around a Turkey, labeled AKP, the ruling party in Turkey, and the Turkey exclaims, “Who you calling chicken!”  Created by Yonatan Frimer
Click here for a printable, hi-res version of this maze
Click here for the maze solution.

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Erdogan: Hamas not terror group

“Hamas’s resistance fighters were meant to defend their land. They won an election. I’ve told American officials before that I do not consider Hamas a terror organization, and I still don’t. They are defending their land,” he was quoted by Turkish media as saying.

– Click here to read the full article –

Robot Rescue Review

November 19, 2009

Robot Rescue Review

Finally, a full game at DSiWare’s two dollar price point.

Click Here

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// <![CDATA[
showUSloc=(checkLocale('uk')||checkLocale('au'));document.writeln(showUSloc ? 'US, ‘ : ”);
// ]]> November 18, 2009 – Now this is a little more like it. Up until now, the 200 Nintendo Point price range has been the dumping ground for DSiWare — being able to download new games for just two dollars sounded promising, but the selection of titles available at that price has been just awful. Useless clock and calculator apps, generic sudoku packs and cut-up pieces of old first-party cartridge games have been the only things available there — nothing to get excited about, at all.

Robot Rescue, though, is a little more like it. This is, finally, a full and compelling game design offered for just two bucks — and you get a lot for your money. It’s a tile-based puzzle game where, in the tradition of past classics like Adventures of Lolo, you have to guide a happy-go-lucky hero out of a set of perplexing mazes. Unlike Lolo, though, the robot needing rescue here isn’t alone.

You control multiple machines simultaneously in Robot Rescue. Two, three, four or even as many as thirty different robots are under your command all at once, in each of the 45 different labyrinthine levels contained herein. You turn your DSi up on its side, to set up a “book style” view of each two-screen-wide stage. You assess the starting positions of your bots, planning your first move. Then you push a direction on the D-Pad — up, down, left or right. And all the robots move in the way you chose, at the same time.

Holding the DSi in sideways “book style” gives you double-wide mazes. (Don’t get tripped up by the divide in the middle, though.)

It’s a simple concept that makes for a very fun, brainteasing experience for fans of logic puzzlers — I admit that games like this are exactly my style, as coming up with a strategy of survival and then executing it flawlessly can be immensely satisfying. Robot Rescue is particularly rewarding in that way — because you can’t make any mistakes. One errant command or lapse of focus, and one or more of your bots is getting blown to bits.

That happens courtesy of the game’s many obstacles and hazards. There are land mines that explode your bots on contact. There are exposed electrical wires that can fry their circuits. There are red and yellow doors that can switch on and off — not dangerous by default, but if you accidentally press a switch while a bot’s still standing in a doorway, slam. Crushed. Dead.

So you have to make skillful use of what little open space and unharmful walls are provided to you, in order to maneuver each machine into a safe position relative to all the other robots and get them to the exit. For example, you may have two robots moving to the right together, one tile at a time — locked into the same synchronous rhythm. If you make one of them run into a wall, though, while the second still has open space in front of him, you can change their relative position — input another “right” command and the guy already hitting the wall won’t move, but his buddy will. You get the idea. Then throw conveyor belts, teleporters, glue spots on the floor and cloning devices into the mix and you’ve got quite an interesting puzzler indeed.

Robot Rescue has 45 different levels stretched across three difficulties — you start off with 15 Easy, move on to 15 Medium and finish with 15 Hard. Those challenge ratings are on target, too — the early going is very simple, as the first stages serve as tutorials to teach you the game. After that, though, you’re on your own — and it gets to be truly tough. You’ll have at least a couple of hours’ worth of puzzling out the solutions to all of the included levels here, and after that all 45 will be unlocked for free play. Which is nice, since several of the stages can be solved in different ways — you can go back and try alternate strategies. (There’s more than one way to rescue a robot.)

Closing Comments
All together, Robot Rescue is an impressive package for just two bucks — it’s compelling, it looks good and it’s highly rewarding when you figure out the solution to its particularly tough puzzles. It’s also a great value at that price, offering two to three hours’ worth of action for your 200 pennies. When you look again at the competition available at that same price level on DSiWare, it’s no contest — this is the first real, original game design to arrive at that price point. It finally feels like you’re getting an actual game for once, and not just a sparkle enhancement for your system’s camera, or some recycled chunk of an old WarioWare release.

So pick up Robot Rescue with my full recommendation, as I’d be shocked if anyone didn’t feel like they got their money’s worth here when it’s just two dollars. The game, too, was based on an original PC design from a few year’s back — and there was also a Robot Rescue 2 created then, as well. So jump on here, toss a couple bucks toward publisher Teyon, and convince them to bring over that sequel as well — because I want some more robots to rescue.


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